Strategic Planning

Successful businesses and professionals know who they are and where they are going. A solid strategic plan will help guide your business through the competitive market.  Acrucis consultants will help you to analyze your current situation, identify your goals, and help you to chart your new course.


Continuing Education Classes

Acrucis has teamed up with Evergreen Professional Training, Inc. to provide continuing education classes to Real Estate Brokers in Washington State.  Our classes are in person and are presented in a manner that helps you to not only retain the information, but leave with a smile on your face.

Organizational Change & Development

The path between a company’s current culture and the envisioned culture can be a rough road.  Acrucis consultants will help you to create a plan that moves your organization to the next level.  We’ll be there to help your employees with the change.

New start ups, mergers, & acquisitions

Whether you are starting your own business, purchasing an existing business, or joining forces with another business, there are dynamics in play that need to be monitored to ensure a successful transition.  Acrucis consultants can guide you through the process and help you to avoid common pitfalls and culture clashes.

Management SKills COaching

Do you have a “best friend” at your business?  Someone who can confidentially act as a sounding board while you talk through a situation?  Or perhaps you feel challenged to become more than you are?  Acrucis will help you to develop your professional skills, analyze options, and help you to work through the challenges you face in your business.

Conflict resolution

Conflict is an inherent part of business, group dynamics, the office environment, and life in general.  Do you want to resolve the conflict without mediation, arbitration, or legal decision?  Acrucis consultants will coach you in understanding the conflict, controlling your emotions, and identifying common interests that lead to a win-win resolution.

Personnel issues

It has been said that your employees are your most valuable resource, but sometimes managing that resource can be frustrating.  If you are having difficulty evaluating or correcting performance issues, Acrucis will help you to identify the problems and implement a corrective performance plan.


Project / event management

Whether your project is transitioning to a new computer system, relocating your business, hosting a fund raiser, or interim management between directors, Acrucis consulting is available to assist your planning committee.  Missing the manpower to manage the project or event?  Let an Acrucis consultant manage it for you.

Meeting / event facilitation

Sometimes we are too close to the problem to truly see it.  Other times, it is difficult to get the true essence of the meeting or brainstorming activity because you are spending your time keeping the meeting on schedule.  Let an Acrucis consultant facilitate the meeting for you so that you can spend your time as a member of the team.

Group trainings

Acrucis offers training classes to small groups and large organizations.  With a unique, interactive approach to presenting the materials, your team will be engaged in the process.  Engagement means retention, and retention helps to ensure all of your team is on the same page. 

Customer service Evaluations

Share with an Acrucis consultant what your customer service expectations are and we’ll help you evaluate and monitor your service levels.  Not sure how to improve your customer service?  We can help with that.